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Tre VieT Drinks List

Cocktails £6.95
All with 50ml measures

Treviet Bling
Lychee, Plymouth gin, Cointreau, Lemon juice

Passion fruit, Rum, Mint Frigs, Lime

Mai Tai
Vodka & Archers shaken with Passion, Pineapple, Orange juice topped with Grenadine

Pina Colada
Mallibu, Vodka shaken with Pineapple juice, Coconut & cream

Lychee Martin
Vodka shaken with Lychee juice, Dash of lime topped with Grenadine

Melon Blast
Vodka, Midori Liquer shaken with Pineapple and kiwi juice.

Midori Sour
Midori, Lime, Vodka

Tre Viet Bling
Passion Fruit, Gin, Cointreau, Lemon Juice.

Teluah £4.95
Tequilia silver, lemon juice, kaluah

Halong Bay pitcher for share £14.00
Jasmine tea, Vodka, Elderflower, topped with Red wine

Non-Alcoholic Cocktails £4.00

Hanoi Lady
Guava, Lime leaf, Passion fruit, Coconut juice.

Saigon Lady
Fresh strawberry, Apple Juice, Jasmine Tea, Honey

Other Beverages

£2.80 Beer
Hanoi/ Hue/ Saigon/ Budweiser/ Tiger

£1.50 Soft Drinks
Coke/ Diet Coke

Hildon Still/Sparkling Water
Small £1.80 Large £2.80

Vietnamese Ice/Hot Coffe (with condensed milk) £3.00

Juices £2.00

Fresh Juices £2.50

Smoothies £3.50
Mango and Apple
Lychee and Strawberry
Avocado and Banana
Banana and Coconut Milk
Very Berry
Durian £4.50

Lassi £3.50
Fresh fruits blended with yoghurt, honey and ice Mango/ Strawberry/ Tropical

Homemade Ice Tea £2.50
Lemon Tea/ Honey Peach Tea/ Honey Lemon Tea/ Lychee Tea

Home Made Lemonade £2.50

Ice Milk Blend
Taro / Milk Tea / Red Bean & Coconut Milk / Soya Milk / Water Melon / Honey Dew / Papaya / Green Tea

Ice Fresh Fruits Blend
Strawberry / Green Apple / Lychee /Passion Fruit/Honey Peach / Honey Dew Melon

Hot Drinks

Vietnamese Ice/Hot Coffe (with condensed milk) £3.00

Jasmine Tea £1.00

Bubble tea £3.50
Strawberry / Lychee / Mango