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Tre VieT FOOD MENU: Salads

Shaking beef sirloin £7.80
Cubes of beef cooked in garlic & butter served on a bed of crispy iceberg, lettuce & tomatoes with a vinegarette dressing.

Vietnamese rare beef salad £7.50
Slice of rare beef with onions soaked in limejuice & herbs on a ceviche-style topped with peanuts.

Mango salad / Prawns £6.50 / £7.50
With shredded mango, crunchy papaya carrots with a light refreshing zingy dressing.

Papaya salads £6.50
Shredded carrots Vietnamese herbs in a zesty sweet chili sauce topped with peanuts and dried onion.

Steam rolls £7.50
Served with fish sauce.

Deep Fried Pork Sausage £7.50

Deep Fried Pork Balls £7.50
Served with vermicelli, salad and fish sauce.