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Tre VieT FOOD MENU: Set Menu

Set Menu (Minimum for 4 people)
£21 per person, ideal for group (Sharing platter)

Prawn and pork spring rolls
Salt & pepper Squid
Papaya salad
Summer rolls (prawn or pork)

Main course (Choose 1 dish per person)

S1. Mekong catfish in sweet caramelized coconut water in hot clay pot

S2. Sizzling beef in black bean sauce

S3. TreViet spicy stir-fried prawns

S4. Saigon traditional stew pork belly in hot clay pot

S5. Chicken stewed with chili, lemongrass & coconut sauce in hot pot

S6. Vietnamese monkfish in caramelized coconut juice in hot clay pot


S7. Stir fried Mix vegetable with garlic
S8. Steam Rice
S9. Egg fried
S10. Fried egg noodle of your choice